Friday, August 12, 2011

Take Chances

Some advice I would give youth is that you should do what you love and there is always going to be risk you have to take,but you have to keep at it and go for it.Throughout this program we learned from all the visits we had to do what you love and don't let anyone tell you you can't do it, cause if you let someone keep telling you you can't do anything, it's going to be hard to accomplish anything. Just keep your eye on the prize and when you do get where you wanted to be at, you go back to the person that told you you couldn't do it and say that you did do it. It feels good to know that you surprised other people.


This summer was a lot of fun because I got to meet new people that I never thought I was going to have talk to my team mates but once I got to talk to them I found out that they were a nice person to hang out with. what I have learned from this six week summer program is never give up on a situation because there are other ways to get around that specific situation. The main reason I said this because there was many times on job I found myself give up on garage band because I thought i was perfect with technolgy. Another thing that I learned from this job is to do what you love and not just do your job for the money because if you do so then when you are ready to go to work, you're not going to be excited to get up with a firm mind to do your work. This summer was every exciting and interesting and I got more out of it then what I thought I was going to get.

-- by Sasha Senorine

My Advice

Throughout the summer everyone we have visited gave us advice. This is my advice to any teenagers... My advice is to live life to the fullest and don't let anyone stop you . If someone says you can't do it, prove them wrong and show them you can. It will feel great to see the look on their face when you do prove them wrong and you will probably have more confidence in yourself. Life is short, make every moment last and do not fuss over the little things, it will only stress you out more.

Advice 2 The Youth

Advice I would give to the youth is just be yourself, follow your goals ,at least to try to accomplish your dreams, and be a leader. Always remember what you do is cool, you should not have to be forced to do anything by anyone that's cool. Inside you are your own character and whatever you do is cool no matter who likes it. Something to take in consideration is that you're young, you should enjoys these years because as the older you get the more complicated life gets. So love, live, life, and don't forget education is important for future references.

Advice To My Peers

So throughout this entire six week program we have been getting advice from everybody we go to visit, whether it has been about career choice, college, or just taking your future seriously. I took all of this advice to heart. The advice that I took the most from is to do something that you will be happy to wake up and do every morning. Especially something that you would like to do for the rest of your life. Some advice I would give to other people is to participate in different programs. I think that everybody should explore all their options, step out of their comfort zone and experiment different things. If it is something you don't like let it go and don't go back to it. If it is something you enjoy do it again, find more programs related to it. Don't let the world pass you by experience the whole world and all the opportunities that you have. Realize that whatever you do should be something you love, so find the best thing out of everything you have explored.

My Final Words ☻

This 6-week program has come to an end. From an unknown beginning to a well-known ending the Turn It Up team has grew and bonded great new friendships. Even though there is a possibility that we may not talk to one another outside of this program , I'm thankful for spending the past 6 weeks with my fellow teammate. Having great boss-ladies (Danica *& Mary Ellen) we have learned many new things. With the new skill that we have learned from them and this program I hope that continue these skill and take them with us. This program has made me realize it never hurts to be different and to ALWAYS be yourself, because people will accept you for you if you believe it or not. We shared laughter, agreements and even had little arguments from time to time , we have learned how to agree to disagree in a respectful manner. If i could do this all over again i would. #I♥MY_TurnItUpTeam.

Don't ever think you cant accomplish anything above and beyond, the sky is the limit. In order for you to achieve it FIRST you must dream it.