Friday, August 12, 2011

My Final Words ☻

This 6-week program has come to an end. From an unknown beginning to a well-known ending the Turn It Up team has grew and bonded great new friendships. Even though there is a possibility that we may not talk to one another outside of this program , I'm thankful for spending the past 6 weeks with my fellow teammate. Having great boss-ladies (Danica *& Mary Ellen) we have learned many new things. With the new skill that we have learned from them and this program I hope that continue these skill and take them with us. This program has made me realize it never hurts to be different and to ALWAYS be yourself, because people will accept you for you if you believe it or not. We shared laughter, agreements and even had little arguments from time to time , we have learned how to agree to disagree in a respectful manner. If i could do this all over again i would. #I♥MY_TurnItUpTeam.

Don't ever think you cant accomplish anything above and beyond, the sky is the limit. In order for you to achieve it FIRST you must dream it.

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