Friday, August 12, 2011


Sometimes you can get caught up in different situations, but you have to not get yourself caught up in the hype. This is hard not to do because you have to do things to hang out with your friends, like where the same shoes or dress the same way but your true friends would except you for who you are no matter what. Also, stick in school because school is very important; no matter how many times you hear this it is true, very true. When you get into the work force it doesn't matter how much you make, from 10 dollars and hour to 7.50 and hour, but save your money. Yeah, you can spend a little but don't spend that much. It's all about how much you save, not how much you make, as my grandfather would say to me. Also, figure out out what you want do in your life, and make sure it is something you love.

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