Tuesday, August 2, 2011

being disabled

Did you know that disabilitiesare more common in female than in males? Disabilities are not easy to handle because other people discriminate against disabled people. The percentage of females with a disability is higher than the percentage of males. On the other hand, among children under 15, boys were more likely than girls to have a disability( 11 percent versus 6 percent). source: wetpaint.com. I think this quote is significant because it does not matter whether or not female are more likely to be disable than males. Both genders have to deal with the same diffuculties and the same discrimination. I think society looks at other disabled people as being worthless and they do not have many future to look for because they are disabled. But if society will just stop for a moment and think that they are all human beings just like us. Then the world will see that disabled people can do the same thing like a nondisabled people, but in a different way.

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