Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Crazy Dances! :D

When I found out there were Hip Hop dancers in wheel chairs, I was like "Nah that's true?" So I checked out the link and watched the YouTube video. The Dancing were Filled with 360 spins and arm movement. Nothing like actual dances of everyday life but it was different. I liked it.

When I looked through YouTube to see a lot more dances I noticed the comments.. some were nice some were uncalled for some was constructive criticism some was horrible:

"Lol really funny," -Taking the whole thing as a joke. laughing at the dancers.

"What a S#$t"- So rude it had to be censored, when I read that I wondered did they mean the dance or dancer???

"THEY SUCK! The guy cant even dance and he has legs."- So is he saying the whole wheelchair dancing is dumb and that people with legs should be more dominant as a general statement?

So in general the ignorance of people is very inappropriate. One girl made a description on how she sadly got her foot caught in a railroad track when she was 9. A random person than rudely questioned her. Some might say," hey they are treating her like an average person." but that was towards the ...hey imma joke around and make fun of her tragic life changing accident. Meaning the person is making fun of her whole life changing accident through sarcastic comments.

My final thought... "Treat people they way you wanna be treated!!!! Also after reading the quotes just remember to think before you say.

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