Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pain In Your Dreams

"You dream of how to cut your limbs off that hurt and you cry because its just horrible"
- Fibromyalgia: Part II- What It Feels Like

Out of all the videos and statements this stood out to me the most. Everyone has an escape from their pain fears or problems. This made it clear that the pain of someone with Fibromyalgia can't even escape the pain sometimes when they are unconscious. A pain so severe that makes you wasn't to cut of your limbs is something unimaginable, unfathomable. It is only a pain that can make sense if you experience it. Nobody should have to go through such a horrible pain. I found it interesting how the person speaking in this video said they have had tattoos, piercings, even fights but no pain she has ever had could compare to the pain she expiriences with this disease. This definitely opens my eyes to the true pain of these disabilities. I thinkl that everybody should open their eyes to understand these disabilities.

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