Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Waste of Money Package

The Hudson Valley is going to be given 2.4 million dollars and they are now considering spending it on elevators and stairs for the Hudson Walkway Over the Hudson. The money in my own opinion would be wasted. There is many other things that the money could be used for in the Hudson valley. The article states "$2.4 million package that will provide an elevator and stairs on the east end of the walkway over the Hudson". Why would we spend money on elevators and stairs. Especially stairs, since there already is multiple stairs leading up to the walkway. In the east side entrance there is a drive way that is definitely walkway accessible. I feel as if this could go to funding more youth programs or schools or creating more jobs. This will only create a job for people for the duration of the construction. I don't think this would be a smart move. A man named Mr. X states that he doesn't see why he should have to pay for disabled people to use elevators. He says of they can't use stairs then they have no business going there. Mr. X, in my opinion, is discriminating. At the same time I agree with him that peoples tax money should not be spent on elevators. The Walkway is definitely accessible to handicaps on the both sides of the bridge. The money would be a waste. Mr. X is discriminating but does make a valid point when it comes to it being a waste of tax payers money. How do you feel the money should be spent?

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