Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Suffering In Silence

I watched a video piece on Tuesday, August 9, 2011 about a guy name Emery Taylor that was living with AIDs. He explained to everyone that it wasn't as bad as everyone always makes it seem. The unique thing about Emery is that he has lived a very healthy life. He wasn't promiscuous like others may have been, he never did drugs or drank, and he was only with one person. He lived his life like a normal person for over 10 years (even though he had AIDs) because he hasn't gotten really sick. While I was watching the video, Emery said that there were young people that he went to church with when he was a teenager that had HIVs also but they didn't know because they ALL suffered in silence together. This quote was very compelling to me because all these teens had the same illness but couldn't speak about it. They felt like they had no one to talk to about it because they were going to be judged and treated differently. This is one of the causes of the spread of this disease. Everyone is afraid to speak and get judged or treated like a stranger so they don't speak it about it and since they refuse to speak about it, it gets spread to their partner or whoever. No one should feel as if they can not speak about what is going on. People tell them not to talk about it because they think that they're protecting them but they really don't know that they are hurting them. They're adding on to their silent pain and suffering, it's eating these individuals alive to know that they can not inform the world to stop them from going through what they went through. These people are not animals, they are humans who are dealing with an illness that they can not control and its only fair for them to be able to speak out and inform the world and get the same treatment as a person that is not positive. The world can not change if we all stay quiet and let everything stay the way they are.

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