Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Looks Are Deceiving

When you have disabilities you do not have to look the way you feel. There was a saying, do not judge the book by the cover. There was a link on living with HIV/AIDS YOUTUBE.COM. This guys was telling us about his experiences having the virus HIV. He did not even look like he had any virus; he looked normal and he is not even afraid to tell anybody his story. This link is very interesting to me because he expresses his feelings online and tells people about being HIV positive.He said the main reason why he made this video was because he did not want anybody to feel the same way he felt when he first found out that he was HIV positive. He just wants others to understand that they are not in the situation by themselves. There are others out there that have another situation that is worse. People that have AIDS should definitely watch this video because it teaches other how to open up their hearts and tell others their experiences.

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