Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Look Into Others Life's

Big understanding about having disabilities is looking into the life of a person with a disability. When looking into a person's life don't judge a person because he or she his handicapped or is disabled. It is also not good to look down on them and to make them feel bad that they are not healthy like you. You should always look and encourage a disabled person,and let them know they can still be the same person no matter what. In the Turn It Up team web quest we have taken the time to show the percentages of how many people are living with a disability. Now I have watched videos to see how people are living with them and how they are still having a successful life. A video that I have watched that was compelling to me is actually all of them, because it opened my eyes to see how people are getting out there and showing how they feel, and how life is still different but yet the same. The one that touched me the most is the Video "Living with AIDS!" Why this video stood out from the rest is because, it is hard to have a relationship with someone when they know that you have AIDS and its hard to live a life with AIDS. Some people die from it some people suffer but when looking at etay1207 the person who made the video, I see a person who is having a great life and is not all depressed all the time and just down about himself. Living with a disablity is not exactly how anyone thinks, and it is not the end of the world as the video "Living with AIDS" explains. It is living a life normal from everyone else but not normal as the rest.

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