Thursday, July 28, 2011

Disability inequality

Some people in the the world, don't have the same advantages as others. What I am leading to is Disabilities, a big situation in our local communities even around the world. Did you know! That 51.2 milliion or more people in the world have a level of disabilties, that's like 18% of the world!!!

In the 1960's they passed many laws one of them the, Individuals with disabilities act (IDA) . The IDA guides how states, school districts etc.. give special education. So Disabilities aren't only physical but there can be mental disabilities also.
There has been news that they people with wheel chairs would like to go on the walkway.. but the problem is they can't use stairs. Now they would consider getting an elevator for them, but that costs a lot of money!!

That's where ignorant comments come in saying things that are unfair to the disable. Saying they shouldn't get elevators and saying we should'nt waste money on these people.
These people are human! So why can't you just treat them the way you want to be treated. What if you were in their position?

Ignorance vs Facts

Why do people always feel as if someone that doesn't look like them, shouldn't get the same treatment? According to the ideals of our country, we're do not treat people different. It didn't treat one group better than the other or gave more rights to a different race, gender, ethnic group etc. So why do we? What made it okay for society to belittle the people that are different? Mister X stated that if disable people can't walk on the bridge then that means they should be there, now ladies and gentlemen, is that right? Disability history in stated that 51.2 million people have some level of disability. These people represent 18% of the population. I believe this is important because that is a big percentage. Many of the disabled people are just like us and do many of the works that we do so they shouldn't be deprived of the rights that we all have. We all have family memebers that are disabled in some type of manner, so is this how we would treat them? No we wouldn't, we would be sympathic and do whatever we could to make them feel comfortable, so then why treat a stranger that way? I believe that this percentage seems to grow more and more each year. It's about time we put down our ignorance and start being more understanding and compromising because if we took a step into their shoes, we would've wanted the SAME TREATMENT OF EQUALITY that they are begging for.


"Only 11% of parents of adult children with disabilities report their child is employed full time" and this quote is from .I feel that more adult children should be more employed because the prices to help the disabled is very expensive and it hard for the parents to support them. I feel that there isnt enough support for disabled people and there should be foundation that will help people because it's hard to just support yourself now and also having to support their child.

Disabled NOT Dumb

Education is something that truly is vital in today's society and economy. Without it you won't have much of a living in life. I found that not only able-body people but the disabled are successful as well. On, I found facts and statistics that help prove my idea true. The percentage(33%) of people ages 25 to 64 who had a non severe disability and were college graduates. This compares with 43percent with no disability and 22 percent with a severe disability. This proves that even though there is a situation or disability, people of various back rounds strive to do better regardless of what people opinions are. Just because someone is disabled never under-estimate their abilities to be smart or to do anything. "Never judge a book by it's cover", is the old saying meaning , don't ever think you better than anyone or any situation enough to prejudge them, because what you may think your better than you may be proven wrong.

Success has no limit, expectations or appearance.


In this world today there are many people who are among us who have a disability from the young to the old. In , they open the eyes to everyone who reads there page about how many people in America have disabilities. 51.2 million people have a disability in America, that is eighteen percent of the nation's population. The fact that's on the page is how many kids have disabilities. There are 1.8 million people fifteen years or older who have said that they couldn't see, which is a great number of young people who have disabilities. There was one more fact right under it and that was that a million of our nation's youth could not hear, that's even great number of youths who have disability.That's a lot of people who need many kinds of special things put in for them like in restaurants. The government needs to help get put in because I'm pretty sure if the president was a disabled person there would be special treatment for him, because he is the president doesn't mean we should treat him any better than we treat somebody else who has disabilities. Many politicians are against helping the disabled people out because they want to keep their pockets fat, and even the people who pay tax people say that they don't want to pay for someone else, but they don't think of the help they need. The people who are against paying tax dollars for disabled people also don't think of what if I become disabled wouldn't I like someone to help me because I sure would. I would want someone to help me like I would help somebody else. People who are disabled should make a stand, and fight for their rights that every American has.

Disability Statistics

"Only 11% of parents of adult children with disabilities report their child is employed full time"
- Easter Seals Disability Service

Why is it that only 11% percents of disable people or employed full time? Doesn't the Americans With Disabilities Act protect the civil rights of people with disabilities including employment? It is common for people to assume that a certain job can not be done because the potential employee would be disabled. It is against the law and morally wrong for an employer to decline someone a job strictly because of their disability. 51.2 million people are disabled. That makes up 18% percent of our population. This quote is so important because it will open peoples eyes to the struggles and discrimination that disabled people face everyday. The people who are not disabled will never understand the struggles that people go through, but statistics, facts, stories, and videos will give the closest uinderstanding to the struggles they will go through. It seems as if no matter how much we speak of it, equality does not exist in our society.

Disablities affect every one

While I was doing the webquest I went to Wetpaint(Disabilities statistics in America) and I seen a stat that really jumped out to me. The statistic was 11% of children 6-14 (4million children) have a disablilty. That jumped out to me because it made me think of how many kids will not have a easy childhood. This stat also made me think of my own family. I have 5 brothers and out of those 5 brothers 3 of them have disabilities. My youngest brother A.J. that is 3 is on the autistic spectrum, my brother Trevor who is 6 is in the autisic spectrum and has ADD and ADHD, and my oldest brother Louis is 18 is all of the above and he is going to be an adult child he will not be able to go to college, live by himself, or even get a regular job. Being that 3 of my brothers have disabilities society helps my family out because that means they all get to go to school and get the educational help that the need. Society doesn't help my family because I notice that when we are going out to hang out in the mall or something people often stare or make fun of my brothers Trevor and Louis because they have disablilties and it shows when they talk or the way the act. I wish that society will change and not look at them as weird or un-normal ,but as kids that have feelings too.

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Webquest Time!

Click here, brave adventurers, if you dare!

P.S: you totally dare.

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ReadNex- Be Dif'rent

July 19th we, the Turn It Up team, went to visit the Hip-Hop Poetry group, and they gave us advice on different thing. But the one that spoke out to me was "It doesn't matter who you be, just be who you be. Be Dif'rent." I feel that this totally relates to me. I feel this way because I love being myself and I love being different now. When I first moved back to Poughkeepsie, I felt that I had to do certain things to fit in and to keep certain friends. Now I know otherwise, being different makes me my own person. Being different teaches me how to stand up for what I feel is right and to always be an individual. Because what other may think thats different in you they may find it interesting while others think differently.

"When we lose the right to


We lose the lose the privilege to be


-Nelson Mandela

Translating the Heart

Hey Turn it Up! Crew--
I love reading your reflections on the ReadNex. Your wisdom and honesty is so refreshing. When I first saw the video for the ReadNex song "Be Dif'rent," I was deeply moved. I feel like my own journey through high school (and really my whole journey beyond that) has been about discovering who I am and learning to be at ease just being myself. We live in a culture that seems to value conformity, but the reality is that no one is the same as anyone else. When we shut parts of ourselves down because we think they aren't acceptable, we lose touch with the real gift of our being: our utter uniqueness. I think Latin Translator's talked about poetry as "Translating the Heart." To me, this is one of the juiciest, best parts of being a human being: the ability to take what's in our special, unique heart and put it out there to share with other people, so they can learn and grow and be changed by it. You are all doing exactly that with the radio show and the blog. Keep it up.

When Turn It Up Team visited the Readnex Poetry Squad, We found that they had great personalities and a sense of humor. They Started off the interview with jokes so that we felt less tense when meeting them. They had many pearls of wisdom to share with us about following your dreams. Here are some of Turn It Up Teams Impressions on the Readnex.

"Meeting the Readnex was amazing, as individuals they are great and altogether they are even better."

" What inspired me from The Readnex was " I be me, you be you, we different. And their freestyle was really cool."

" My impression was that it was good. What I liked most was they were down to earth, and said to do what you believe in and let nobody tell you, that you cannot."

Eddie : My impression is everything was natural and that they changed me and now I'm going to do what I love and make Music!!"

" I thought that the group seemed natural and that worked for them and it just seemed like having fun. The lesson they portray often " To BE Different" is strong and something that everyone could learn, the earlier the better."

" The advice I learned was that to always be yourself. You don't have to impress anybody else be different. Do whatever you like to do, do it."

" they were friendly and welcoming. Normally you'd expect people like them to be rude but they weren't. The Interaction between them and everyone just flowed and I loved it."

" The people from the Readnex Poetry Squad were amazing. They were so friendly. They love what they do and want to keep doing it."


" What inspired me about Readnex was that they did what they did because they loved it."


My impression on they Readnex is that they motivate others to become whatever they want, Also never give up on Dreams because your dreams will give up on you.


A lasting impression that I got from the Readnex is that they are always having fun and joking around saying that its not a job put a passion.

The Insprational Read Nex Visit!!!!!

This week we visited the Read Nex! As we walked in they were at a table eating and I found it nice how they gave us their time to talk to us. My thoughts are that they are seriously cool and funny. The Read Nex gave us a lot of inspirational words and tips. But what I found most fascinating as how they share experiences and help out each other and have fun together while taking care of their careers serious.
->They told us to never give up.
That popsout to me because ive been through hard times and situations where i wanted to stop. Just get up and avoid it.

->That we shouldn't make anything stop us from doing what we dream.
This pops out to me because i've been told when I run I suck,Because in some races im not first even though I am the fastest female on the team. But that doesent mean im the fastest one in the world. As an indicidual I knew I was talented I kept going because those words came out of ignorance.

->Also to be ourselves and Be dffr'nt.
That also can be a comparison to me. I am the type of person that hangs out with many types of groups of people. One day I would be with team mates and than the next hour or two I'm sitting at my normal everyday lunch table with completely different people. But all in the same days through out my life. I never changed. I kept my great personality. I was me.


Tuesday July 19,2011

The turn it up team went to see the ReadNex Poetry Squad at the WhereHouse in Newberg.The members of the ReadNex Poetry Squad gave us alot of advice. The piece of advice that really stood out to me was when Latin Translater said that "Life is a series of moments". When he said that it made me think of life as a camera and that we should capture all the fun times in our lives so that we can remember all the fun we had with our friends and family. That things in life just don't happen. Different things happen each day, and as we go through life we will go through different situations, but as we come to those different situations, we need to enjoy them no matter how weird it is or how much we don't want to be there . That we should make the most of those moments becauss life would be boring with out them!!!!

The poetry that is going to be READNEX

On Wednesday, June 20, 2011, we went to see ReadNex (which is a really amazing poetry group) and spoke to them about their video *Be Dif 'Rent* and about how they came to be the group that they are. When I had met them some months ago at the S.W.A.G event, they were in a rush so I didn't get to speak to them and hear their insight on life and other topics. The members of the group: Decora, Free flowing, DJ H20, Jarabe de Sol and Latin Translator were very easy to talk to, and kept making us all laugh, which resulted in us becoming really comfortable. When I spoke to Decora and asked him on what advice he'd give an amature poet like me who is afraid to pursue poetry as a career and he said, "Don't care about what society see as success". This statement gave me a sense of inspiration to continue on with doing what I love, which is writting poetry as well. Before he gave me this inspirational statement, I was unsure of whether or not I could actually get some where with my poetry. I wanted to be a doctor because that's where the money is, but now I just really want to do what I love and make a difference while doing it. Before we left, they gave a short performance that gave us a tease of the work they do. At first they were nervous about doing a short performance but then Manny (a good friend of their's who met Decora in a garden one day and said that he kept going back to the garden because it gives him a sense of tranquility) asked them to perform for us. When we had asked them to perform, they refused, not because they were being rude but because it was hot and they had just came back from rehearsing so they were tired. Their performance was fabulous, and the feeling of being able to hear them in action (again) was great. I really enjoyed myself and I would love to see them perform live one day.

Reflective Post on ReadNex Poetry Squad

I have to say that the ReadNex were on of the most down to earth people I have ever met. They were very insightful and made a point of being different and doing what made you happy. Its easy to see that what they are doing is something that makes them happy and is something that will be successful for them whether they become rich or not. The group made a statement about how doing something that you are going to be happy with is more important then a well payed boring job. They said if your doing something you happy with it is no longer a job. I want that for myself. If I could have a job where I get to do something I love it has made me successful. It is something that I think most people will never have, but is something that I will strive for until I succeed. I would take doing something I'm going to have fun with and get paid for rather then a job that pays me handsomely but I am unhappy. Happiness is the most important thing to me. I would rather be happy then rich any day.

Words That Changed My Life

On July nineteenth two thousand eleven the turn it up team and I went to the Where House and we saw four amazing people there was a fifth,but he wasn't there which was I was a little disappointed because I wanted to hear every ones word. With the four we had great influential words which actually changed me. When listening to the four people that where there which was FreeFlowin, Latin Translator,Dj H2O, and De Cora which means from the heart in spanish. When listening to De Cora and Latin Translator speak they told us to do what we love and not only for the money. That stuck by me because I was going to grow up and doing something that I don't love and wake up saying, "Man, why am I doing this job?" That job I was going to do was becoming a engineer which was something I wasn't going to love to do. The job I want now is what I love which is music, making music and producing music. This is from listening to De Cora and Latin Translator, they gave me good advice which I thank both of them for.

A Day With Readnex

On Tueday, July 19 2011 the Turn It up team went to the Readnex rehersal in Newburg to interview the team on what inspire them to be a singer or rapper. Their names are Decora, Free Flowing, DJ H2O, Jarabe de Sol and Latin Translator. It was very interesting to me the way they articulate themselves and reach out to others on what a dream is. The way they express dreams is that dream is a thing that you have to believe in, and if you do not believe in your dreams then your dreams will give up on you. When they say that to me, it creates a feeling that I must not give up on my dream even though it may seem a little bit rocky and trials may come my way. You just have to overcome obstacles. Learning that makes me figure out who I am as a person, and what I need to do in order for me to accomplish my goals and my future endeavours. My goals are becoming a pediatrician and to graduate high school, college and Medical school. The trials that I may confront is study because sometimes when I am studying I will feel like, "What am I a doing? Can I just be tested on what I think and feel about the world instead of being tested on things that The Board Of Education thinks are important?" So therefore when Iam studying I need to say to my self inorder for me to pursue my dreams, "I need to do what I have to do any pay full attention to my assignment." Thank You to the Readnex for their time and I appreciate every moment of it.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Turn It Up Anthem

Dear Turn It Up team,

Impressive work so far, all of you. It's time for taking it to the next level -- congratulations on this achievement!

I threw together a slideshow in iMovie so we could post our anthem to our blog. It's an example of how to include visuals that perk up the listening experience without overpowering the audio. We will need some volunteers on our crew to take on the project of posting audio to the blog.

If you'd like to learn iMovie and re-do this in your own style, or make a visual accompaniment for your own audio pieces (and we hope you do!), talk to me and/or Danica!

Mary Ellen

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Turn It Up! Theme Song Lyrics

For more information you should come in tune with us.
91.3 you know we turn it up.
Thursdays from four to five
broadcasting from Vassar live.
Check us out and I bet you, you be suprised.
We educated intellegent individuals.
c.m.p, m.s.l
We talk to the youth and send a message around.
We can talk about your problems you understand we give a helping hand.
We can relate the community just aint safe.
From people dropping school and teens getting pregnant too.
They think about the money but they dreams aint coming true.
Fancy cars, fancy living, money long you can spend it.
They thought they had it, times is tragic.
Eddie tell them what we is man we a
In In In indepent radio broadcasting from Vassar College
We got to turn it up t-t-t-turn it up huh. (repeat)
We got to turn it up and talk to the youth
we never judge nobody until we look into their shoes.
We care about the community and the people to,
we give the facts and you know thats something true.
We got to turn it up t-t-t- turn it up huh. You got to turn it up t-t-t- turn it up huh.
On Tuesday, July 13, 2011, we went to the Family Partnership to learn more about the different services such as, Outreach:The Lunchbox, R.E.A.L. Skills, and Family Services. We were able to speak to different social workers and get more information about what they do and why they do it. We spoke to Mr. Tre Davis who is the head of the Family Partnership and told us some information about how it got started and why he decided to be apart of this life-changing business.

This is the amazing building, The Family Partnership, where hopes are restored and lives are changed.

These beautiful ladies also take part in R.E.A.L skills (Relationship Empowerment Affirmation Leadership).

It was very fun to interview my brother (Derron Bishop), who is also in R.E.A.L Skills, and hear him speak about the effect that Family Partnership has had on him.

Rewriting the Drama Script

On Tuesday, July 12,2011 the Turn It Up team started a drama piece with Ms Joan, our drama teacher. The script was about our exprience based on Dia: Beacon and EID photography field trip. Ms Joan give us script based on our experience so we came as a team an decided that we needed to rewrite the script with the same concept in mind. Rewriting the script with Elissa was a fun experience because it made me learn to organize a script and also that it teaches me how to think about creating the script so that it captured the audience's attention. What I learned from this experiences is that when you are doing something make sure you are paying full attention to what you are doing and you can finish your assignment on time when you never think it could happen. Hearing this script read by my fellow team mates was I good experience because at first I taught it was going to be a little bit messy but with assistance from Ms Joan it came out better than taught. Thank You, Ms Joan.

Drama With Ms.Joan

July 5th, 2011, the first day of work, we began drama exercises with one of our leaders, Ms.Joan. With the exercises that we practice we become more acquainted with one another. Breaking down the walls of our shy behavior to new people the exercises created laughter which led to new found-friendship. The activity that we did that I found that was fun and interesting, was the one that we did where we chose and action that we felt that described our name. The action that I chose was a samurai bow; I decided this action because to me it expressed respect and honor both of which that I feel describes me. Others choose various things from a swaying of the hips, a gentleman's bow, a jump, and jazz fingers. Starting from the very first person we had to recite those who went before us action and name, as an individual and then as a group in unison. Practicing the drama exercises with Ms.Joan taught us how to work together and more efficient, to communicate, and to enable us to be open to new things.

"taking notes about interpretive technigues

and script development with Ms.Joan."

Poughkeepsie Journal Reflective post

During the duration day we spent time in a meeting room with Stuart Shinske and co-workers while they explain what pieces they would put in the next days papers. They later informed us on a variety of things involving how they choose certain pieces and the way that they feel while writing. It was a great experience to listen what they had to say .

Recording Reflection

Yesterday on Wednesday July 13,2011 when Eddie and I worked on the theme song for Mill Street Lofts/ Childrens Media Project radio show Turn It Up, I felt proud of myself. I kept saying to myself I can't do this because I had trouble with the first beat I made. But yesterday as Eddie and I stayed 4 hours after work and worked our hardest for the theme song to be as good as possible, this was a good experience for me. I will never tell myself I can't do when I know I can. In order for you to do something right you have to make time available and keeping practising and that's what I learned yesterday. Things are not going to come out how you want it, you have to practice and practice over and over again.

In the studio at Childerns Media Project I thought it was going to be not as good as I thought because they didn't have the equipment I use when I go to the studio. But that all changed my mind when I went in the room.They had a mixer for audio, a mic, and many effects of the program Garageband. I worked with Garageband a couple times so I have experience. The studio was in a small room, it was good enough for me. The speakers have good quality, I heard every mistake that happened while recording the theme song. The mic was surrounded by two filters to help fix up the audio so it wouldn't sound too loud. This was a good experience for me. It took time and patience but I got throught it. Thanks to Eddie to we stayed extra hours, but it was worth it because I like the theme song and so do my fellow friends.

partnership interviews

On July 13,2011 the TURN IT UP! crew went to the Family partnership Center 29 North Hamilton st. At first we interviewed Tree the leader of ,R.E.A.L. Skills, DEAL,and Wizards of Poughkeepsie. These three programs were youth from grades first and up. This was a great conversation he explained how the programs started and how this year how DEAL is such a huge hit that they have 90 kids and that he feels bad to turn other kids away. After that we interviewed two college student Quamisha Desroches and Arrielle McClean they are the ones who runs the R.E.A.L. Skills program. They say that the program started when they were little and when they got older they started runing it. Quamisha also states advice to the TURN IT UP crew saying that if we have a dream don't stop heading for that dream keep on with it. Arrielle gave advice to the team about students going in to the high school. She says just do your work and pay attention. Lastly we had went to family service and meant Jessica velazquez and Cherrell laster they are the ones who are apart of family services they say they people come in ever day some come with their heads hanged low and other come with kids to put up for adobotion.the information they gave two teen moms was don't listen to sicoety and don't give up on going with your child and feel good about it. visiting the partnership gave me a whole new background and i would love to go back.

WVKR 91.3 Turn It Up Radio!!!!!!!!!!

July seventh, two thousand and eleven was the day of reckoning for me, because being on a radio show is something that many people can't say they have done in their life, but me? I can say that I have done it. My co-broadcasters Brittney, Khary, Elissa and I took the airways and we took it by storm with our thinking on our feet answers, and our funny personalities. First sitting in the lobby outside the studio was SO much torture especially with Mary Ellen my employer saying 3:49 then going on to saying 3:50 every minute, which made me and my co-broadcasters very nervous, but it made us filled with giggles. When going into the the actual studio we had to set up and get ready. When we were actually on air I had to be the first one to speak about TURN IT UP RADIO. Once I was done my butterflies just flew away and from there it was smooth sailing. Once the first PSA /commercial thing came on Mary Ellen had clapped for all of us on our great speaking, and how we didn't mess up or anything like that. The most funniest part about being on the radio show, is where Mary Ellen actually read my part and everyone was looking at each other and pointing at me saying that it was my part. Being on this radio show helped me to overcome my fear, and I actually love it now and wish to go back on every show but sadly I can't, but all in all it was a fun experience.

Dia Beacon Trip

July 8,2011 the Turn It Up! crew went to an amazing art museum, Dia Beacon! The museum was filled with art you probably never saw before, and believe it or not, it used to be a Box factory!!! As the Turn It Up! crew walked towards the entrance we noticed beautiful land work made from long ago. As soon as we entered the museum we were unaware of the strict rules that didn't permit us to photograph the art exhibits. Our tour guide was a man named Peter, who educated us on all the art and gave us a tip on creativity: no fear on judgement. And surprisingly he was an artist himself. There was a variation of art we saw! Big art, Small art, Curvy and even art made of car scrap pieces, well and two or three strings? What brought out the true beauty of the art was the sky lights! The lighting was all natural if you looked up there would be big windows where sunlight beams out, the were no light bulbs anywhere. This experience was amazing and me as an individual I will never ever forget it!

Poughkeepsie Journal Site Visit

On Tuesday, July 12th 2011, the Turn It Up team visited the Poughkeepsie Journal and talked with Stuart Shinske, an executive editor, who discussed a typical day of work for the employees of the Poughkeepsie Journal.


These are some of the materials that let you become art from the Franz Erhard Walter gallery

This is the the the Franz Erhard Walter gallery at Dia: Beacon

Friday, July 8,2011 the TURN IT UP TEAM went to Dia:Beacon art gallery. We saw many wonderful peices of art, but the one that stuck out the most was by Franz Erhard Walther.With Walther's peice we didn't look at the art,WE WERE THE ART!!!!!!! When the TURN IT UP TEAM went into the room the walls were white with pictures of how people became the art. The floor was wood ,but in the middle of the floor it was a huge blue carpet.On the bottom of the walls there were ledges with the material that you would used to become the art.Six people from the TURN IT UP TEAM took their shoes off and became art. We used the piece With Direction(Six). While we were in it we decieded to move around . We tried rolling over , walking, and then finally jumping. When we tried jumping we ended up falling over.It was so funny everyone started laughing.

Turn It Up! Radio Theme Song

On Wednesday July 13,2011, the theme song was created by Eddie and I. I made the beat from a m-audio keyboard, Eddie recorded the guitar note with an electric guitar. We used a Garageband studio software to record the beat and the lyrics which were written by me with help from my fellow friend Eddie. The theme song is for Mill streets lofts radio show Turn It Up! On WVKR 91.3 today on July 14,2011 at 4:00pm until 5:00pm.

Turn It Up! Reflections

The Project ABLE and Radio Uprising collaboration of Turn It Up! Radio is a program that I feel lucky to be involved in. The media skills that I have learned over the first week and a half are things that even an adult may have never learned. Some of the tasks are challenging only if you are not confident or comfortable with speaking in front of your peers or acting. I think the biggest challenge of this job is getting past your fear. The exercises that we all do to help develop our speaking skills are interesting and help us learn how to think on our feet. I definitely enjoy this job and think that it is a great opportunity whether it is a paying job or a community project.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Turn It Up recording team discussing the best ways how to record the meeting

The Turn It Up team was getting ready to interview the Executive Editor Stuart Shinske.

Inside the Poughkeepsie Journal yesterday we found this plaque fascinating so we decided to take a picture of it.

Beginning of the Poughkeepsie Journal because of the printing press.
Different personalities come together as a whole to create a beautiful picture.

yesterday we took a visit to the Poughkeepsie journal and here the sign.
From are team work we couldn't get up.
we started off the day yesterday with a activity that teaches us how to work together.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I drew this picture because my pairs and I was coming up with agree and disagree statement and Ichose this statement, some people are born good and somepeople are born bad. I agree because every person are created equally and born with equal priviledge. Some people just chose other ways of living their lives so therefore nobody is good or bad it is just that people think about their live in many different ways.

Listen to understad, Speak without judgement is a statement that I came up with. It expressed my opinion that I would defend a person freddom of speech even if I dont agree with them. The reason I say listen to understand is to help people realize that it is important to understand someone elses opinion before you decide wither you agree or disagree. Speaking without judgement is my way of saying express your opinioon without insulting the other persons opinion. This is a guide line that I follow totalk to people about their opinion without making them deffensive.

the zip zap zop

zip zap zop is a very fun games it to interact with your pairs. I personally thought that the zip zap zop was very fast and it also assist me with how to be more fluent when I am doing a specific thing. I learned how to accept that you are not winner all the time and also not to hesitate. I have change the ways i think about life and how it is appears as a whole. Life seems to be less depressing when you have a little fun and express you are as a person.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

EID Photo Studio Site Visit

On Wednesday, July 7th 2011, the TURN IT UP team visited the photography studio of Elissa Davidson. Elissa welcomed us into her studio, which she built into a converted and refurbished garage. Though many of us didn't know quite what to expect, we all had fun and learned a lot from this warm, funny, talented photographer.

Elissa stands in front of one of her Macs and explains how digital technology has changed photography

Elissa directs our attention to her work on the walls. We were all very impressed!

We learned many things from Elissa. Above all, she advised young people to find things that they're passionate about, and to try and keep doing them with heart and soul.

Alexis is so excited to learn more about the life of a photographer!

Swany and Eddie giving close attention to what Elissa's saying

The TURN IT UP team had many different reactions to and impressions of EID Studios. Here's what we had to say:

The main thing I like about Elissa Davidson is that she is very determined and she assist her self by building her confidence. One more thing I like about her is the passion and determination that she have about art and portraits.

Elissa Davidson was very inspiring to me. To be a single isn’t a very easy task to do now a days and successfully she has and accomplished this task and running her own business she’s self motivated with an amazing personality, that’s what I like about her.

The thing I liked about Elissa Davidson was that she showed us her wedding albums and they were really cool and even thought the covers are expensive they were still assume to look at.

The thing I liked most was that she was so passionate in what she did and would try to make time with her family, even thought sometimes she couldn’t.

What grasped my attention about Elissa Davidson is how dedicated she was for her work, and how she balanced her time between her family and work.

When we visit Elissa Davidson today the thing that I notice most about her confidence she seemed like has really high self confidence and loves what she does.

One thing that inspired me was the way Elissa equally balanced the passion for her job and her love for her family.

The thing I like best was how passionate she seemed and that she said “she loves doing this getting paid is a bonus”.

Elissa Davidson was a funny person who enjoys her job and her career.

The thing I like the most about Elissa was that she was committed to her family and her job and it made her happy at the same time.

Elissa studio was even better than I thought. It was very nice since the walls were covered with great wedding photos.

Thanks to Sasha for typing it all up!

Comparing America to other countries

Dear TURN IT UP team,

Thanks for all of your great posts and responses so far!

This weekend, I came across this web site:

This site shows you what life in other countries is like compared to America. For example, I clicked the link to compare American life to life in Greece (a country I hold dear because my father immigrated from there when he was a young man, and because much of my family still lives there).

I found out that if I lived in Greece, I would make 30.82% less money every year. But I would also use 57% less electricity and spend 60% less on healthcare. Yikes! That means I am paying more than twice for healthcare and electricity in America than I would be in Greece! So maybe making 30% less wouldn't be so bad.

Check it out! Compare American life to life in some other countries. What jumps out at you?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

"To me life seems stressful" MyVersion

The image is a picture that I drew as an expression to a quote that I agreed with "To me life seems stressful". I agreed with this quote because I find this to be very true. My picture expresses the different ways how stressed is cause in my life. From thinking about my future, dealing with school, balancing time with my family and friends, having self-esteem issues, running out of time to do things and struggling to make the right decisions all the time, these are a few things that I find stressful in my life.

Reflective 2

the activity turn it up radio did was go to childrens media project.when we went to childrens media project we began editing our responses with garage band.We work as a group so we could creatique each other so we can take out the pieces that shouldnt be in there. I also learned how to edit and put in music for our thoughts about this activity was i was good i learned how to work together.


We recorded our thoughts about certain situations and spoke about whether we disagree or agreed. This to me was a fun experience because i've never really been recorded. I was given a chance to speak my mind on a subject that I felt strongly about. This gave me a strong sense of accompliment because I finally got to put my voice out there and let people know how I was feeling on the subject. I also got the chance to hear myself and the response that i have made and even though i didn't like how i sound, it gave me a chance to realize the things I needed to work on. This experience has taught me alot and I hope to do it again.

Sound Recording

My 2nd activity i like was mixing down our voices with garageband in the podcast. The activity was basicly finding out how to level your own voices. Me being a artist this helped me because i would like 2 open my own studio one day and i need too know these type of things. I think this activity is the best for music artist who someday whats to open there own music businuess and help out up coming artistes with mixing and leveling their voices. It was hard but what this taught me was practice makes perfect my first try im not just going to expect to hear the podcast how i want it takes very long practice for that.

Activiteies we did the last 3 days!!!!

We did a lot these last couple of days! The first day we played an amazing name game to get to know each other as individuals and each others names. After the name game, we played Zip Zap Zop! which was a very fun game... LOL! I didn't really know the meaning of it but i loved it. The second day we visited a picture gallery. As we pulled up it was a normal house with a driveway and garage. When we parked a woman came out and she brought us to a car. Honestly i thought we were gonna see a car or something. When she opened the door i saw an amazing 0picture gallery with beautiful maternity picture and wedding photos. Her name was Elissa Davidson and she's been working for 11 years as a single mom with two kids. She inspired me because she risked everything to keep her family safe For all these activities it changed me in many ways, I now know everyone's names and I also think of my future even more than i used to, and for an extra the responsibly for myself is way better .

First Week Reflection

In our first week it was very crazy people getting to know one another and doing activites to learn one another name. The activite that we played was the name game, this game had us pass around a bouncy ball while saying our name then saying the name of the person we are going to pass it too which was very fun, and out of the ordinary then learning each others name on the normal as most boring places would do it. The second activity that I absolutley loved was the zip zap zop. why I love this game so much is becuase that it helped us think fast and pay attention to what we were doing, and the way I see it is it helped to pay attention to everything because you might miss vital information on the any topic thats going on with work. This game worked as someone starts with zip and they would hold out thier hand and pass it to another person and the other person would say zap then he would pass it on then the person who has zap would pass on zop and it would get faster and faster.The name game bouncy ball activity taught us that you could have fun while learning each others name at the same thing.

Reflective 1

the activity that we did was going to EID photography yesterday morning. I've learned that what you have interest in you should always follow your dreams and you have to be determined. Elissa has been working for about 11 years and she had took my risks thought those years.For instance, her having to work and also have time to spend with her family even though she cant sometimes she try her best. Also having to raise her prices during this recession knowing that it may worsen her business but luckily it didnt.she is successful and has work hard to get where she is at

A New Beginning

As a first job for many of us, "Turn It UP" is going to be a great experience and a great memory this summer. Coming to work promptly and ready for new things, the teens enjoy numerous activities such as playing "Zip Zap Zop" and "The Name Game".
As the beginning activity "Zip Zap Zoe" was a fast-paste fun game. The game was designed to be fast and to keep people alert. I took it as a game for us to get outside of our comfort zone to point to people that we are not so fimiliar with.
"The Name Game" was the second fun activity that we did. The game purpose is to say one's name and to have an adjective about us, that also begin with the first letter of our name. (for example "Kind Khary"). Acomplishing this games, and coming up with a new name for our radio show, this experience, to me has a promising and bright future. ♥

Photography Experience

The beauty of the yard was amazing
but the inside of her garage was breath taking
There were many different pictures all around
but the words to describe this experience, just couldn't be found
The area and the experience to me was marvelous
and all her different types of work were gorgeous.
The thing that I really love about her is that she is self-motivated
and when it comes to her work, she's very dedicated
She's motivated by the people and she's passionate about her work
and unlike all the other photographers, she's not a jerk
I had a great time talking and laughing with her
and at the end, WE TOOK A JUMP PICTURE.

* Team Work *

1 of the activites i like so far is the ''Name game''.This was basicly learning our employees name by playing a game and seeing how each other react with each other I like this because it shows that we worked as a team even though we aint know each other, and thats what helped me the most. Im not good working with people but it was something about the people at mill st loft that just made me feel comfortable. I was shocked i was cooperating right with people i dont know because i always been a causious person when it comes to meeting new people. I belive by playing this game it made me see that all people is not the same, and u shouldn't judge a person until u meet them.

TURN IT UP!!!!!!

In turn it up we went to EID photography. Elissa davidson told us how she got started with her business, at first she had 2 weddings to do now she is up to 75 main events. Elissa showed us the pictures she created and the slide show she made. At the end of the trip Elissa davison took us out side n we took a couple of pictures the best ones that we took were the jump photos. Elissa Davidson is very successful with her photography buisness , but she told us that if we want to be successful with the careers that we will have we have to "love what we do and do what we love!"
Another activity that we did while in turn it up was edit our intros for the radio show. It was a great experince even though it was kind of challenging. I learned how to edit our tracks and how to put music on it too. I thought the activity was a little bit hard but not impossible and now im glad that i know how to do it.


At the beginning of the week we started sound editing training and it was very fun to learn about editing audio. It was somewhat fun to be honest and then I really understood what the training was needed for. At the end of sound editing training, we began learning about how the way you express words can say more then a fully written out sentence. Then the next day we visited EID Photography Studios. When first got there I expected to see an art studio but then it turned out a garage. I was surprised when I walked in the studio with my co-workers and saw that the inside was an elegant display of photos and painting. The walls were light green color with light brown colored floors. The walls were decorated with wedding photos taken in beautiful places in Poughkeepsie and New Jersey. The photographer we visited was name Elissa Davidson. At the end of the trip she took a group photo of Mill Street Loft employees and the took a fun jump photo which feature everyone in mid-air. Then we travel to Children's Media Project to start sound editing are personal responds with background music to make them sound better and learn from are mistakes. Today we listed to are edited sound recordings and heard different errors and suggested what could have been improved.

First Reflective post: First Week

During the beginning of this week I was unsure on what to expect for this job. I had a slight understanding on what this summer job was going to entail but some of the tasks that were given to us still surprised me overall. I personally enjoy this job and think its a great introduction to media arts and radio especially for someone who may want to partake in a career involving blogs or radio. I think that just working with Project Able and Children's Media Project for a few days has taught me skills that I otherwise have not learned ever. The two activities that I learned the most from is going to the EID Photography Studio and editing. The studio was mostly the whole team listening to Elissa Davidson. she told us about her story and how she became the well known photographer that she is now. The editing was mostly the team taking records clips of them

turn it up

In turn it up! We went on two trips. One was Elissa Davidson a photographer she told us a sum of how she got started, then we asked questions on her summary. Next we had saw photo album of want she had produced. then we went outside to take two photos one was in a pumpkin patch in the other was a jump photo that was very very exciting.lastly we had got like business card with one of her famous picture.
Other activity that TURN IT UP! was edit our voices to put on the radio. We did this by garge band this was a place were you could edit you and your partners voice. Editing was very fun and difficult because you had a lot of technology keys to work with.but me and my partner Sasha had a lot doing it.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How much freedom should youth have?

Reflect on how a lot of young people crave more freedom. Is there a limit to how much freedom a young person should have? Do youth need boundaries to grow up to be happy, healthy adults? Why or why not?

Turn It Up team, you must comment on this post. 

If you're stuck for ideas, here are some writing prompts:
- should parents give their kids allowance? (if so, how much?)
- should parents give their kids curfews? (if so, when?)
- should parents have a say in who their kids are friends with?
- should the legal age for driving, drinking, or voting be lowered? Why?

Youth Radio in Poughkeepsie -- It's Aliiiiiiiiive!

Our youth produced radio show and blog lives!

And it has a name...

Turn It Up!
(logo coming soon)

Welcome to our inaugural blog post! This summer, 11 exceptional high school age youth will be working with Mill Street Loft and Children's Media Project to produce a radio show and create and manage a blog, all while exploring career and life skills through drama, visual art, and media making.

Today, our team of youth producers voted on a name for our show. We proudly present the youth of TURN IT UP! 

And without further adieu, we will hand it over to our young people. 

Expect many more posts, discussions, audio pieces, and pictures to follow in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned, and in the meantime...