Tuesday, August 2, 2011

different treament

Why is it that we get treated better than people with disabilties? I believe that we all should be treated the same way. Disability History in U.S.A. states that 60% of people ages 25 to 64 with a nonsevere disabilty live in married couple families.The corresponding rates are 68 percent for tthose without disabilities and 50 percent for people with severe disabilities. If this was known would people have diffrent thoughts on disabled people? But even if they didin't I don't get the fact that able bodied should get better treatment then the disabled. Disability History in U.S.A. Also states hat 72% percentage of people 80 and older with disabilities,the highest of any age group.I find this very interesting because I wold have thought that disabled people woudn't live that long. Want im tring to say is that we should treat disabled like able boded people.

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