Thursday, July 14, 2011

Turn It Up! Theme Song Lyrics

For more information you should come in tune with us.
91.3 you know we turn it up.
Thursdays from four to five
broadcasting from Vassar live.
Check us out and I bet you, you be suprised.
We educated intellegent individuals.
c.m.p, m.s.l
We talk to the youth and send a message around.
We can talk about your problems you understand we give a helping hand.
We can relate the community just aint safe.
From people dropping school and teens getting pregnant too.
They think about the money but they dreams aint coming true.
Fancy cars, fancy living, money long you can spend it.
They thought they had it, times is tragic.
Eddie tell them what we is man we a
In In In indepent radio broadcasting from Vassar College
We got to turn it up t-t-t-turn it up huh. (repeat)
We got to turn it up and talk to the youth
we never judge nobody until we look into their shoes.
We care about the community and the people to,
we give the facts and you know thats something true.
We got to turn it up t-t-t- turn it up huh. You got to turn it up t-t-t- turn it up huh.


  1. This song by Eddie and Swayha is crazy good, it sound even better then when they first produced and the first time it sound great too. Nice job you guys.

  2. i really like this song because it made the radio show more interest. And also this song captured the audience attention. thank you Delswan and Edddie

  3. THIS SONG IS BEAST!!!!!!!!!
    TURN IT UP!!!!!!! its the best theme song eva!!! :D