Thursday, July 28, 2011

Disablities affect every one

While I was doing the webquest I went to Wetpaint(Disabilities statistics in America) and I seen a stat that really jumped out to me. The statistic was 11% of children 6-14 (4million children) have a disablilty. That jumped out to me because it made me think of how many kids will not have a easy childhood. This stat also made me think of my own family. I have 5 brothers and out of those 5 brothers 3 of them have disabilities. My youngest brother A.J. that is 3 is on the autistic spectrum, my brother Trevor who is 6 is in the autisic spectrum and has ADD and ADHD, and my oldest brother Louis is 18 is all of the above and he is going to be an adult child he will not be able to go to college, live by himself, or even get a regular job. Being that 3 of my brothers have disabilities society helps my family out because that means they all get to go to school and get the educational help that the need. Society doesn't help my family because I notice that when we are going out to hang out in the mall or something people often stare or make fun of my brothers Trevor and Louis because they have disablilties and it shows when they talk or the way the act. I wish that society will change and not look at them as weird or un-normal ,but as kids that have feelings too.

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