Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Insprational Read Nex Visit!!!!!

This week we visited the Read Nex! As we walked in they were at a table eating and I found it nice how they gave us their time to talk to us. My thoughts are that they are seriously cool and funny. The Read Nex gave us a lot of inspirational words and tips. But what I found most fascinating as how they share experiences and help out each other and have fun together while taking care of their careers serious.
->They told us to never give up.
That popsout to me because ive been through hard times and situations where i wanted to stop. Just get up and avoid it.

->That we shouldn't make anything stop us from doing what we dream.
This pops out to me because i've been told when I run I suck,Because in some races im not first even though I am the fastest female on the team. But that doesent mean im the fastest one in the world. As an indicidual I knew I was talented I kept going because those words came out of ignorance.

->Also to be ourselves and Be dffr'nt.
That also can be a comparison to me. I am the type of person that hangs out with many types of groups of people. One day I would be with team mates and than the next hour or two I'm sitting at my normal everyday lunch table with completely different people. But all in the same days through out my life. I never changed. I kept my great personality. I was me.

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