Thursday, July 28, 2011

Disability Statistics

"Only 11% of parents of adult children with disabilities report their child is employed full time"
- Easter Seals Disability Service

Why is it that only 11% percents of disable people or employed full time? Doesn't the Americans With Disabilities Act protect the civil rights of people with disabilities including employment? It is common for people to assume that a certain job can not be done because the potential employee would be disabled. It is against the law and morally wrong for an employer to decline someone a job strictly because of their disability. 51.2 million people are disabled. That makes up 18% percent of our population. This quote is so important because it will open peoples eyes to the struggles and discrimination that disabled people face everyday. The people who are not disabled will never understand the struggles that people go through, but statistics, facts, stories, and videos will give the closest uinderstanding to the struggles they will go through. It seems as if no matter how much we speak of it, equality does not exist in our society.

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