Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ignorance vs Facts

Why do people always feel as if someone that doesn't look like them, shouldn't get the same treatment? According to the ideals of our country, we're do not treat people different. It didn't treat one group better than the other or gave more rights to a different race, gender, ethnic group etc. So why do we? What made it okay for society to belittle the people that are different? Mister X stated that if disable people can't walk on the bridge then that means they should be there, now ladies and gentlemen, is that right? Disability history in stated that 51.2 million people have some level of disability. These people represent 18% of the population. I believe this is important because that is a big percentage. Many of the disabled people are just like us and do many of the works that we do so they shouldn't be deprived of the rights that we all have. We all have family memebers that are disabled in some type of manner, so is this how we would treat them? No we wouldn't, we would be sympathic and do whatever we could to make them feel comfortable, so then why treat a stranger that way? I believe that this percentage seems to grow more and more each year. It's about time we put down our ignorance and start being more understanding and compromising because if we took a step into their shoes, we would've wanted the SAME TREATMENT OF EQUALITY that they are begging for.

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