Thursday, July 28, 2011


In this world today there are many people who are among us who have a disability from the young to the old. In , they open the eyes to everyone who reads there page about how many people in America have disabilities. 51.2 million people have a disability in America, that is eighteen percent of the nation's population. The fact that's on the page is how many kids have disabilities. There are 1.8 million people fifteen years or older who have said that they couldn't see, which is a great number of young people who have disabilities. There was one more fact right under it and that was that a million of our nation's youth could not hear, that's even great number of youths who have disability.That's a lot of people who need many kinds of special things put in for them like in restaurants. The government needs to help get put in because I'm pretty sure if the president was a disabled person there would be special treatment for him, because he is the president doesn't mean we should treat him any better than we treat somebody else who has disabilities. Many politicians are against helping the disabled people out because they want to keep their pockets fat, and even the people who pay tax people say that they don't want to pay for someone else, but they don't think of the help they need. The people who are against paying tax dollars for disabled people also don't think of what if I become disabled wouldn't I like someone to help me because I sure would. I would want someone to help me like I would help somebody else. People who are disabled should make a stand, and fight for their rights that every American has.

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