Thursday, July 21, 2011

Translating the Heart

Hey Turn it Up! Crew--
I love reading your reflections on the ReadNex. Your wisdom and honesty is so refreshing. When I first saw the video for the ReadNex song "Be Dif'rent," I was deeply moved. I feel like my own journey through high school (and really my whole journey beyond that) has been about discovering who I am and learning to be at ease just being myself. We live in a culture that seems to value conformity, but the reality is that no one is the same as anyone else. When we shut parts of ourselves down because we think they aren't acceptable, we lose touch with the real gift of our being: our utter uniqueness. I think Latin Translator's talked about poetry as "Translating the Heart." To me, this is one of the juiciest, best parts of being a human being: the ability to take what's in our special, unique heart and put it out there to share with other people, so they can learn and grow and be changed by it. You are all doing exactly that with the radio show and the blog. Keep it up.

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