Thursday, July 21, 2011

Words That Changed My Life

On July nineteenth two thousand eleven the turn it up team and I went to the Where House and we saw four amazing people there was a fifth,but he wasn't there which was I was a little disappointed because I wanted to hear every ones word. With the four we had great influential words which actually changed me. When listening to the four people that where there which was FreeFlowin, Latin Translator,Dj H2O, and De Cora which means from the heart in spanish. When listening to De Cora and Latin Translator speak they told us to do what we love and not only for the money. That stuck by me because I was going to grow up and doing something that I don't love and wake up saying, "Man, why am I doing this job?" That job I was going to do was becoming a engineer which was something I wasn't going to love to do. The job I want now is what I love which is music, making music and producing music. This is from listening to De Cora and Latin Translator, they gave me good advice which I thank both of them for.

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