Thursday, July 21, 2011


Tuesday July 19,2011

The turn it up team went to see the ReadNex Poetry Squad at the WhereHouse in Newberg.The members of the ReadNex Poetry Squad gave us alot of advice. The piece of advice that really stood out to me was when Latin Translater said that "Life is a series of moments". When he said that it made me think of life as a camera and that we should capture all the fun times in our lives so that we can remember all the fun we had with our friends and family. That things in life just don't happen. Different things happen each day, and as we go through life we will go through different situations, but as we come to those different situations, we need to enjoy them no matter how weird it is or how much we don't want to be there . That we should make the most of those moments becauss life would be boring with out them!!!!

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  1. i love the way the whole experience that we went on to see the readnex poetry crew in newburgh it was a lesson that will never be unused i took the info as good info for me to encourage me more