Thursday, July 21, 2011

When Turn It Up Team visited the Readnex Poetry Squad, We found that they had great personalities and a sense of humor. They Started off the interview with jokes so that we felt less tense when meeting them. They had many pearls of wisdom to share with us about following your dreams. Here are some of Turn It Up Teams Impressions on the Readnex.

"Meeting the Readnex was amazing, as individuals they are great and altogether they are even better."

" What inspired me from The Readnex was " I be me, you be you, we different. And their freestyle was really cool."

" My impression was that it was good. What I liked most was they were down to earth, and said to do what you believe in and let nobody tell you, that you cannot."

Eddie : My impression is everything was natural and that they changed me and now I'm going to do what I love and make Music!!"

" I thought that the group seemed natural and that worked for them and it just seemed like having fun. The lesson they portray often " To BE Different" is strong and something that everyone could learn, the earlier the better."

" The advice I learned was that to always be yourself. You don't have to impress anybody else be different. Do whatever you like to do, do it."

" they were friendly and welcoming. Normally you'd expect people like them to be rude but they weren't. The Interaction between them and everyone just flowed and I loved it."

" The people from the Readnex Poetry Squad were amazing. They were so friendly. They love what they do and want to keep doing it."


" What inspired me about Readnex was that they did what they did because they loved it."


My impression on they Readnex is that they motivate others to become whatever they want, Also never give up on Dreams because your dreams will give up on you.


A lasting impression that I got from the Readnex is that they are always having fun and joking around saying that its not a job put a passion.

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