Thursday, July 28, 2011

Disability inequality

Some people in the the world, don't have the same advantages as others. What I am leading to is Disabilities, a big situation in our local communities even around the world. Did you know! That 51.2 milliion or more people in the world have a level of disabilties, that's like 18% of the world!!!

In the 1960's they passed many laws one of them the, Individuals with disabilities act (IDA) . The IDA guides how states, school districts etc.. give special education. So Disabilities aren't only physical but there can be mental disabilities also.
There has been news that they people with wheel chairs would like to go on the walkway.. but the problem is they can't use stairs. Now they would consider getting an elevator for them, but that costs a lot of money!!

That's where ignorant comments come in saying things that are unfair to the disable. Saying they shouldn't get elevators and saying we should'nt waste money on these people.
These people are human! So why can't you just treat them the way you want to be treated. What if you were in their position?

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