Thursday, July 21, 2011

The poetry that is going to be READNEX

On Wednesday, June 20, 2011, we went to see ReadNex (which is a really amazing poetry group) and spoke to them about their video *Be Dif 'Rent* and about how they came to be the group that they are. When I had met them some months ago at the S.W.A.G event, they were in a rush so I didn't get to speak to them and hear their insight on life and other topics. The members of the group: Decora, Free flowing, DJ H20, Jarabe de Sol and Latin Translator were very easy to talk to, and kept making us all laugh, which resulted in us becoming really comfortable. When I spoke to Decora and asked him on what advice he'd give an amature poet like me who is afraid to pursue poetry as a career and he said, "Don't care about what society see as success". This statement gave me a sense of inspiration to continue on with doing what I love, which is writting poetry as well. Before he gave me this inspirational statement, I was unsure of whether or not I could actually get some where with my poetry. I wanted to be a doctor because that's where the money is, but now I just really want to do what I love and make a difference while doing it. Before we left, they gave a short performance that gave us a tease of the work they do. At first they were nervous about doing a short performance but then Manny (a good friend of their's who met Decora in a garden one day and said that he kept going back to the garden because it gives him a sense of tranquility) asked them to perform for us. When we had asked them to perform, they refused, not because they were being rude but because it was hot and they had just came back from rehearsing so they were tired. Their performance was fabulous, and the feeling of being able to hear them in action (again) was great. I really enjoyed myself and I would love to see them perform live one day.

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